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Bean & Co Competitive Advantages

Experienced staff:
Bean & Co’s team of experts have more than three decades of global agriculture development and management experience. The team’s experience includes hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of successfully realized projects, strong networks and relationships on the ground, and industry-leading expertise in tropical agronomy.

Deal Flow:
Bean & Co has developed a global deal flow of projects, resulting in the ability to “cherry-pick” the most attractive and profitable cocoa projects and create a diverse portfolio of investment opportunities.

Local Presence:
In each project location, Bean & Co has a strong presence and familiarity with the political forces, local culture, and regulatory environment.

Strategically located processing centers:
Our processing centers are near our existing plantations and the best plantations worldwide, in order to purchase pods from the local framers and immediately process the fruits.

Collaboration with local farmers:
Providing knowledge, tools and support to the local farmers enables us to supervise their yields, maintaining premium quality and increased produce.

Agro Technology and Methods:
To secure high-yield and premium quality, Bean & Co adopts innovative agronomic methods and technologies including: an increase in trees per hectare, mechanized cultivation, advanced growing methods, introduction of irrigation, fertilization, and improved varieties, and phyto-sanitary protection. These technologies and practices allow our modern plantations to achieve outstanding yield performance and consistent production of 5 to 7 times more than the global average production capacity.

Direct Sales:
With a combination of high quality yields and economics of scale, Bean & Co is able to bypass the traders and secure off take agreements with the major industry players.

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