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The food and beverage market has undertaken new, original trends highly focused on health awareness, originality, and nutritional content. The market is driven by the demand for healthy, superfood products as consumers are increasingly conscious of origin and contents of products.

Bean & Co responds to the market demand by maximizing the potential of the cocoa fruit by efficiently creating new and innovative cocoa products from the traditionally discarded components of the fruit.

Bean & Co produces the following cocoa products:

Cocoa Pulp:
Produced by extracting the natural thin white layer surrounding the fresh cocoa beans within the cocoa fruit. The Pulp is used to create juice, ice cream, sorbet etc.

Cocoa Flour:
Produced from the outer husk of the cocoa fruit that encases the wet beans. The cocoa husk is extremely nutritious in elements including iron, fiber, magnesium, theobromine, and high antioxidant levels.

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